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Interiors Unraveled
  • PC Compatible Only
  • Over 2100 digital photos of fibers, fabrics, leather tanning process, room scenes, window treatments, accents and soft floor coverings
  • Videos of burning fibers and fabrics
  • Detailed descriptions
  • Interactive review questions
  • Photos may be used independently in PowerPoint® and other programs
  • Use alone or with any textiles textbook or with the following:
    • Basic Swatch Kit
    • Interior Design Swatch Kit
    • Textile Identification Manual

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iTextiles Interior Design

Online learning program for Interior Design Textiles

  • Textile education from interior designer’s point of view
  • Interactive study of interior textiles from fiber to finish
  • Excellent supplement to interior textiles/materials course
  • Instructor access to customizable lectures, test bank, assignments and project-based learning
  • Please contact us for more information and pricing

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Itextiles web
iTextiles Online Textbook

Online Textiles Textbook Interactive Learning System
Our expert-created textiles content is fully integrated for a seamless online experience.

  • e-Textbook – The iTextiles e-textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of textiles. It has the content grouped in commonly used study units (fibers, yarns, fabrics, dyeing, printing, finishing). Once past the basics, the "Textile's in Today's World" unit introduces current issues and trends in textiles.
  • Instructor tools – iTextiles makes it easy to create, assign and track assignments that complement the classroom (or virtual learning) experience.
  • myCourse
    • student portal within iTextiles for students to access additional materials for the course
    • complements the Instructor tools and e-Textbook
    • instructor can allow access to lectures
    • options for interactive self-study
    • access to tests, quizzes and assignments
  • Bundle Options - iTextiles can be bundled with any swatch kit. Images of swatches from the Basic Textiles Swatch Kit are available in iTextiles, upon request.
  • For a demo, pricing and bundling options, please contact us.

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Textile Companion
  • A digital library of over 1300 unique detailed digital photos and videos consisting of:
    • Fibers
    • Yarns
    • Woven Fabrics
    • Knit Fabrics
    • Films/Foams/Fiberwebs
    • Multiplex Fabrics
    • Finish Examples
    • Dye/Print Examples
    • Videos of Burn Tests
  • Detailed Descriptions
  • Interactive Review Questions
  • User Friendly Program
  • Can be purchased alone or as a package with the Basic Textiles Swatch Kit
  • PC Compatible only

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TextileMania Online

The program gives students an overview of fibers, yarns, fabrics, dye/print methods and finishes. It also contains testing videos and questions within each section as well as animations to help students visualize the weaving process. TextileMania can be used as a supplement in any textiles course from high school level to senior level college courses. It is not recommended to be used as a replacement for swatch kits.

Please note our office hours are 8:00 am - 4:00 pm M-F. You will receive an email containing your username and password during our business hours. If you place your order at night or on the weekend, you will receive access the following business day. This is a three month subscription. For questions, please call 615-459-7510.

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